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The Ria d'Etel, a small « inland «  gulf, like its brother the famous Golfe du Morbihan, offers you a very mild south brittany climate and beautiful scenery where sea, earth and sky conbine into tide everchanging scenic landscapes.The Ria d'Etel is called the river by the locals.

The island of St Cado is the jewel of the ria d’Etel with its part 12 th century chapel, its monumental calvary and its seaside fountain.

This picturesque listed site is very famous for its painters, either professionnal or amateurs, pulled here by the outstanding colours and romantic sunsets.

Overlooking the harbour and the ria d’Etel, the Camping de Saint Cado, offers you the quiet and relaxing holiday you deserve in the peaceful atmosphere you are looking for.

Down the camping park, your children play,or swim on a small and safe beach while you are reading a book.From there, you will view a beautiful sunset on the river on your evening walk.

This is a place like paradise for painters, photographers, ramblers, birdwatchers, and for those who just want to relax and enjoy the local seafood and gastronomy.


Ile de saint cado
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